Testimony Life Resources

Testimony Life Resources. We offer Individual Counseling services independent of our programs and packages.

Every person is made up of:


Body, health, activity, nutrition, strength, ability, energy.


Thoughts, ideas, experiences, logic, understanding, reasons, critical thinking.


Love, intimacy, authenticity, vulnerability, uniqueness, communication, trust.


Feelings, inspiration, calling, intimacy, longing, desires, joy.


Beliefs, purpose, world view, whole life.

Why is Testimony Different?

Why is Testimony different than what is already available? Testimony is like nothing currently available. We offer a unique approach in which we lift up the person as a whole, empower them with their own strength and abilities, and walk along with them as they work towards a sustainable life.

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The spiritual holds each component together as an open circle in which truth flows in and out, allowing our lives to make sense and gives us purpose and meaning.


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